In Boston green runs deep. The Celtics are a tradition. And the 2014/15 season was a developmental year for the team. Without the marquee players that have been the backbone of Celtics campaigns we focused on the fans–the real lifeblood of the tradition–and the experience of going to a Celtics game.

Preseason hype

Rather than creating hype videos of dunks and three-pointers from the previous season we looked at footage often overlooked: the fans hamming it up for the jumbotron. We reminded people how fun it is to be at the Garden for a game. The videos aired on TV and social media. Fans went wild. Celebrities were made.

Oh yeah, I edited these spots.


the season begins

We built excitement for the season by having fun with the fans, but as the regular season started we shifted tone and focused on personal Celtics traditions. Fans and nine year veteran Rajon Rondo shared their stories and pride in the team.

The spot "Superfan 1" was nominated for a New England Emmy.